Selling your home with Shirokiya Residential Estates

Techniques for marketing Hawaii real estate are ever changing and and we're here to help you present your property in the best way.  Most buyers begin their search for homes on the Internet. 

Three Important Factors for selling your home

1) Photos and video play a large part.  99% of home buyers who searched for a home on the Internet found photos to be among the most useful features of REALTOR® websites according to the National Association of Realtors.  We include high quality photos of the properties we sell in our MLS listings.

2) Pricing. Nearly every buyer is looking for a bargain.  Pricing a property too high will keep the buyers away. When a home is priced to sell, the agent will get a flood of calls for showings. Customers visit the home and after a week or two the seller should have offers to review.  Properties priced too high will get few inquiries and sit on the market for months, even years.

3) Staging.  First impressions are important.  The door and entryway should be clean, painted and polished.  Clutter is a major issue with owner and tenant-occupied homes.  Personal items all over the house give buyers the impression that it's not big enough. 

The Marketing Plan 

Honolulu Board of Realtors listing - Your property will be listed on the Oahu MLS, viewable from the Board's website along with other Hawaii real estate websites linked to the Honolulu Board of Realtors.  We will include professional quality photos and video.

Open Houses - Sunday Open Houses allow the public to get a look at your home with no pressure from a buyer's agent.  Broker's Open Houses are useful for getting other real estate agents to take a look at your home and keep it in mind for their prospective buyers. We encourage sellers to have open houses.

Yard Sign - We will setup a nice yard sign so people driving by can contact us to get information on your house.

Contract Negotiation - Purchase contracts are complicated. You don't want to go to a closing with some doubts. You will have the full benefit of our experience and knowledge for a smooth and successful closing.

Disclosures, Inspections, Escrow - We will make sure you conform to all Hawaii statutory disclosure requirements. We will also inform you of any inspections that you should consider having done ahead of time to smooth the negotiating process with buyers, and to ensure a successful escrow and closing.

Qualifying Buyers - Buyers have their own timelines, which might not be yours. We make sure they don't waste your time by qualifying them as to their real ability to afford your home.

Communication - We will keep you up to date at all times. You will always know what is happening with your property and understand the various steps we are taking to sell it. 

How we sell Oahu real estate

What price should I list my property for?

We will help analyze the comparables with you using Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports.

When looking at comparables be sure to keep in mind Days on Market. For example, if some one is asking X dollars for a property similar to yours, but they have been on the market for 250 days, then they are probably asking too much so you should not necessarily think that would be the right price for your property. On the other hand, when looking at Sold comparables, if someone sold at over asking price in only 1 day on the market than they probably listed it too low, and you could think about going higher.

Also, you want to see how many Active listings are available that will be competing for the same buyer as your listing, and how do you compete in terms of price, location, and overall value. Try to put yourself in the buyer's shoes and think about what property you would purchase if you were ready to make a purchase.

Also study the In Escrow and Pending listings. These are properties that have just gone into escrow. You won't know what they sold for until the escrow is completed but you do know what they were asking and that a deal was reached. This is current information on asking prices that are actually selling and it is very helpful.

Do you show the property?

Yes. We show the property if we represent the Buyer. If another agent represents the Buyer then they would show their Buyer your property. In that situation the Buyer's Agent would prefer not to have the Seller's Agent there so they can take their client through themselves. Either way, there will always be a Realtor showing your property. Optionally, you are welcome to personally be at any showings.

Do I sign a contract?

Yes and you can cancel it at anytime. We do ask for a 90 day protection period so if someone viewed the property while we had it listed and submits an offer within 90 days after you cancel we would still get paid.

Do we need a lock box on the property?

Having a lockbox makes showings easier, however it is not required.  We use the Sentrilock box on most listings.  It's an electronic box that keeps track of the people accessing it along with the day and time they opened the box.

Will you show it to someone who is not using a Realtor when they call you?

Yes. We will show it if someone calls us who is not using a Realtor. We would then end up representing them and yourself, which is called Dual Agency. In this case as mentioned above we would keep the buyer's commission for representing the Buyer plus our fee for representing you. This is because there is additional liability to represent the Buyer and we need to get paid to take on the additional liability and the additional services required.

Will my property be on all MLS websites?

Yes. After we add your property to HiCentral MLS all the other websites download from this site and will show your property. For example,, Yahoo, Honolulu Advertiser,, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, etc.

I have someone who might buy my property but I still want to list with you.

If you are currently working with someone who might purchase your property we can exclude them on our contract and if they buy it you do not need to pay us anything.

What are my approximate closing costs?

60% for standard Title Insurance
50% of the Escrow fees
Conveyance Tax
Termite Inspection (Approximately $500) and Tenting (Approximately $1,000 if necessary)
Survey - (Approximately $1,000)
Provide Condo Docs if a Condo (Approximately $300)

There are other miscellaneous closing costs but the above costs are the largest. If you want even more details Title Guaranty has a closing cost calculator.

If I have a tenant in my property do I have the right to show it?

Yes, you have the right to show your property to buyers by giving a 48 hour notice. However, if your tenants are not cooperative it can make showing the place difficult. If they don't want a lock box installed (which many tenants are not comfortable with) then they need to be home for all showings.  We can coordinate showings with your tenants.

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